First Homework

After reading the text, I realized that film is something that collects all the footage together. It is just like a ribbon which rolls all the pictures in the same place. The text states : “we remember that a film is a ribbon of physical material, wound up in a roll: a row of small unmoving pictures”. I agree with the quotation because films record memories and events that happened before. Film can be used to communicate and tell people a story. What makes film exist? Of course the camera. It can capture the moment and put it in the film. My own “rectangle” experience in relationship to the text is that films can preserve time. For example, every time when I look at the film, I feel like I was going back. Especially if the film has some sort of connection with me. It will refresh my memories. I have a projector at home. I use it to show my videos. Every time when I look at a video, it made me think about the past. Therefore I think films has a very significant impact on myself.

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