Assignment 4

The text is about many different kinds of editing. For example misdirection, see around the edge of the frame, multiple editors , the decisive moment, method and machine and test screening. These are the examples that the author mentioned. Especially the misdirection in which the images show here, but the audiences will look at the other side. It creates a different kind of view for the audiences. In addition to the multiple editors explains how the different between one editor to more than one editors. Also how they work with directors and editors together. They also talk about how many editors can speed up the process. For example in the text, It states :” The main advantage of the collaborative editing is the speed .” I totally agree because not only in editing flim working with others are beneficial, but also in other things. Working as a team always will help the project because there are more people involved. Also more hands and more ideas are coming in. That’s why I believe multiple team is very important.
The movie that I was watching is called “ Despicable “ the method that I am going to talk about is Misdirection. The meaning of misdirection is that people will expect something they think will happen. However it will turn out to be the other way. It is the complete different result. For example when the two minions walking on the street, they heard a scary sound. So they thought something bad will happen. When they went close to the trash can, a cat came out from the trash can. It was completely opposite of the story. We also thought that something was wrong or a bad person would’ve came . However it didn’t. It was just a cat trying to look for food. That’s misdirection when the scene brings the audiences to think that way, but it’s the other way.

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