1.The movie that I was watching called “Pressed” . The first screenshot that I posted is showing the main guy was looking for his friend Jemy. But Jemy was trying to avoid the main guy because he lost the 100k that the main guy gave him. Then the main guy found Jemy. Whlie they were arguing, the main guy accidentally killed Jemy. He was trying to hide the blood and the evidences.

2.The second screenshot shows the main guy finally found who stole his money and he called the two guys for money back. The two guys came to the main guy’s house with the left money. Since the two guy spent a lot of the money, the main guy asked them to return the items and collected all the money they spent. He took out his gun to scare the two guys.

3.The third screenshot shows a group of people who come to kill the main guy because he killed Jemy. They went to the main guy’s house. The main guy was so scared because he didn’t want this to happen.

4.The final screenshot shows the two guys and the main guy both was caught by the group people. They were at the private airplane. The boss wanted to kill them all. However he let the second guy go because the main guy said he is just a kid. Finally the second guy left.

Finally:The film used some different kinds of editings. They used 180degress to capture the cars, the two guys and the second guy. They also used fast cuts when they changed to another scene. They often used close up and extreme close up to capture the main guy’s face expression. They used tracking shot when the main guy wanted to find Jemy.

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